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Statistic say if you Hit a Line Drive you will get on base 7 out of 10 Times. That is 70 %. This Patent Training Bat called the DRIVE-IT  is made of All Aluminum that has a Flat Welded Alloy Metal Plate designed to teach you how to hit a Line Drive. As you practice by hitting Foam or Wiffle Balls, you create Muscle Memory by control your hands and not roll your hands. It trains you to stay through the ball a little longer.  It will give immediate feed back when you Roll Your Hands. With the Flat plate the ball should be a Line Drive. But if the Ball go down to the Ground you Rolled over the Top, so if the Ball goes Up you Rolled your hands under or dipped your back shoulder.  Very simple concept that works. YOu will improve your batting average and onbase percentage. You also will learn to Master Outside Pitches and learn to hit to the opposite field. 

there are Two (2) Sizes 30" or 33" Please Choose the correct size needed.